12500 kilometres
11 X Everest

The hardest and longest self-supported bike race in the world.

The TransCanada crosses Canada from the North to the South, and the West to the East. The event can be done in two formats: a competitive race of 12500km or a shorter non-competitive touring option that is shorter at 9000km . The race welcomes both bicycles and velomobiles in distinct classifications.

Touring Grand Depart on June 11th 2022 at 6AM
Bike race and Velomobile race Grand Depart on June 12th 2022 at 6AM

Departure: Whitehorse, Yukon
Arrival: St. John’s, Newfoundland

picture of a road going through the rockies
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Follow the ‘dots’ on our live tracking map.

The ‘dot’ is a rider’s marker on the map which symbolises the GPS tracking unit that each rider carries on their bike throughout the race. Follow them here.