Version: 2020-01-17
Illustration of people with masks

The TransCanada Bike Race is being organized on the trailing edge of the pandemic. We are making the reasonably-informed bet that by June a mechanism will be in place to welcome international travelers, likely through the double requirement of a proof of vaccination and a 15-day quarantine period. Rules surrounding pandemic restrictions are set by all levels of government: federal (mostly relating to travel restrictions), provincial (curfews, social distancing, masks) and cities (same). This page contains our best information available to date as well as our policies with regards to COVID-19.

Masks: Having a mask while in cities and towns is mandatory in all provinces at the moment. Most do not require it while on the bike but absolutely require it when entering a business or public place. Some also require it when just walking about. There is no specific requirement as to the type of mask as long as it works to block the direct inflow and outflow of air through both the nose and mouth. Some provinces and municipalities do impose extremely harsh penalties for rule-breakers. Given that the mask is a sanitary items that must be kept clean (especially as the lungs of participants are put under strain) the race director recommends that participants carry either 2 washable masks or as many disposable masks as are necessary for the length of their participation. It is possible to find masks in most major cities in some pharmacies, hardware stores and convenience stores.

Routing: If a city imposes a curfew the race director may reroute the race at any moment to avoid that city whenever possible. Participants will receive a notification in the race app.

Registration: Registered participants can at any moment before June 19th 2021 at 6PM change their participation from 2021 to 2022 directly from the participant interface (accesses are provided for registered participants) no questions asked. This may be due to travel restrictions, border entry refusals, or simply the preferences of the participant. After June 19th 2021 the non-refundable registration fee will be automatically applied to the participation year set in the participant profile interface. Trackleaders will need to be contacted by the participants themselves however (we are in close communications with TrackLeaders and will update this page as needed).

Cancellations: The host city, a province or the federal government can prevent the event from happening in 2021. If so your registration will automatically be applied to 2022. Any costs incurred other than registration are the sole responsibility of the participant.

Hand sanitizer: Make sure to carry some. It is now reasonably easy to find refills on the course.

Social distancing: 2 meters (6 feet) distance from any other person is required by most provinces while standing, walking, or passing pedestrians.

Shared rooms: Most provinces require that accomodations only be shared if both participants usually live together (spouses for example). Some provinces apply extremely harsh penalties for rule breakers so best not to take chances.

Any of this can change at any moment. We will update this page when we get more information.